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Halda fishes act unusually

Spawning in Halda hit by netting of mother fishes.
Natural carp breeding ground under threat: Gazi Nurul Alam
Alarming decline in fish fry production: Country's lone natural fish spawning and breeding centre in the river Halda is at stake
Collect fish eggs from Halda: Natural spawning increases several times this year
Stop wanton capture of brood fish
3 sanctuaries to conserve pure carp species
Degrading riverine habitats: Conservation is imperative: Dr Khalilur Rahman
Call for preserving Halda fish resources
Protect Halda river from pollution
Enforce ban strictly to protect Halda spawning centers.
Take steps to save Halda river
Monitor catching of mother fishes at Halda
Fish Sanctuary at Halda River :No policy guideline to rehabilitate fishermen
'Save Halda river'
Seminar on Halda fish breeding zone
Halda egg collection starts.
Call to restore original state of Halda
Fish Sanctuary at Halda River: No policy guideline to rehabilitate fishermen
Increasing freshwater fish production
Sea level rise to damage Halda's fish breeding grounds in two decades
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